5 Trendy Outfits to Wear to All the Pride Events

June is Pride Month, and to get you ready, we’ve put together some of our favorite outfits for wearing to the events. Pride month honors the 1969 Stonewall Uprising, which many believe to be a major turning point for the LBGTQ+ movement. Pride month started as a single day—the last Sunday in June—but eventually became the month-long celebration we know today.

If you’re planning to enjoy Pride events this June, check out our top picks for trendy, comfy outfits that coordinate with the rainbow flag:

1 – Rainbow Print Tee and Shorts

One of the simplest outfits that’s right on-trend is the rainbow print tee. You can find men’s and women’s T-shirts with rainbow graphics for a parade-ready look. When shopping for T-shirts, the most common fabric you’ll come across is cotton. It’s soft and breathable, two features every tee should have. You’ll stay cool in a cotton T-shirt, and you’ll look cool when you choose one with a rainbow motif. There are also cotton/polyester blend T-shirts with all the benefits of cotton, plus a super-smooth feel and added durability.

Women’s or men’s shorts are an ideal pairing with any T-shirt, whether you opt for a blended fabric or 100% cotton. Shorts come in different lengths, including long Bermuda shorts that fall to the knee. There are jean shorts with five-pocket styling and elastic-waist shorts for all-day comfort. If you want something classic, khaki shorts are always a good option. They compliment almost any color top for plenty of fashion versatility.

2 – Bold Button-Down with Comfort Bottoms

One alternative to the T-shirt is the button-down shirt. There are long- and short-sleeve shirts from which to choose—for June, we recommend short-sleeve. You can always tie a fleece jacket or cardigan around your waist or shoulders and slip it on if you get cool. Like with T-shirts, cotton is a preferred fabric for buttoned summer shirts. There’s seersucker, a light cotton knit with a crinkly look and feel. Poplin is another summer-ready option that’s cool and stylish—it has horizontal ribbing for a subtle texture.

When choosing bottoms to go with your button-down shirt, stay comfortable in something with a stretchy waist. There are shorts, skirts, and skorts with elastic waists—they come in many fabrics, styles, and colors to suit your Pride outfit. If you choose a shirt with a vibrant print, opt for solid-color bottoms for a balanced look. Or pair a solid-color shirt with bottoms with bright stripes or another eye-catching pattern.

3 – Cotton Tank Top with Jersey Midi Skirt

Men’s and women’s cotton tank tops are a summer staple for Pride month events. They work for basically any other summer occasion, too—and you can layer them under sweaters and jackets for cool nights. You don’t have to pack your tank tops away when summer is over, either. Because they layer so well, you can wear them in other seasons. Look for a rainbow print tank or choose a rainbow color to pair with a printed skirt.

The midi skirt is a flowy favorite for warm months. Wear one to Pride festivals with a cotton tank for an outfit that isn’t casual or dressy but somewhere in between. There are midi skirts with a cute multi-tiered design, along with mid-length skirts for covering up swimwear. Some have flouncy ruffles for extra flair, and all are ideal for wearing with a tank top.

4 – Tiered Maxi Dress

Speaking of tiers, you may also find the tiered maxi dress a comfortable, versatile Pride-month outfit. It has all the same fashion benefits as the tiered midi skirt we just talked about, except it’s one piece. For hot June days, all you need is one of these dresses. In the evenings or on cool or rainy days, slip on a lightweight sweater or another type of cover-up for a light layer of protection against the elements. When it comes to color, bright multicolored maxi dresses for women are right on trend for June.

5 – Vibrant Swimwear

If you’re heading to the beach for a Pride event, suit up in rainbow-print swimwear or something in a bright color like red. Or go neutral with your swimsuit or men’s swim trunks and add a rash guard cover-up in a rainbow-hued print. Tie-dye cover-up dresses are an option if you’re going for a retro-inspired look. A black one-piece swimsuit or black swim trunks are a fashionable foundation for rainbow-hued cover-ups and accessories.
Shoes and Accessories for Pride Events

Now that you have five outfit ideas, let’s talk about footwear and accessories to go with your Pride clothing. When choosing shoes, it’s often tempting to go for high heels or a design that’s dazzling but impractical. Instead, opt for shoes that are stylish and comfortable enough to wear all day, such as a pair of low-heeled wedge sandals or flat walking sandals. Canvas sneakers are another comfy choice, but if you’re going to the beach or a Pride pool party slides or water shoes may be a better option.

There’s no wrong outfit to wear to Pride events, so choose what you like best. Consider the weather, your comfort level, and your preferred aesthetic when choosing summer apparel.

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