Role of digital class in schools

Role of digital classes in schools has changed the scenario of education. It modernizes the way of teaching and makes study easier for students.

Digital Classroom Definition and Meaning

The Digital Classroom is a Classroom which depends on electronic devices and software to teach students and incorporates technology into the learning process. In the digital classroom, a traditional classroom converts into a digital space for teaching purposes with the use of computers and the Internet. Also, technology sets the tone in digital classrooms. With technology and advanced gadgets, the learning process gets easier for students and facilitates them to track their progress. The role of the digital class in schools should be realized at a large scale.

The digital classrooms use educational apps and websites to help students to enhance their learning experience. There are two important aspects of a digital classroom i.e., Feedback loops and technology. Feedback loops are vital for students to receive input from their professors in real-time. With the help of Feedback loops, professors can give their feedback based on different criteria such as student, lesson, group etc.

Gone are the days when education in the classroom was limited to reading books, writing on the blackboard to explain chapters and concepts, and students note on their book. Technology is not just about playing online games and watching animated videos. The benefits depend on how children, parents and teachers use technology for effective education.  When technology is used well for educational purposes, the education experience helps to be more effective and students are more involved.

Today, the use of PPTs, video presentations, e-learning methods, online training and other digital methods are being given importance in the teaching-learning process.  Because of this, teaching in the classroom is becoming more interactive. These days, children can also learn many things on their own through online mediums and in digital classrooms.

Digital education v/s traditional education

Color charts, diagrams, and models in schools once described the best education of the class. But now they are considered outdated sources of providing education.

Now the class which has better technology is considered the best class. The trend of technology in the city schools has increased a lot these days. The PowerPoint presentation or online lectures and videos have replaced blackboards. Today all schools are making technology a part of their education in some form or the other.  Some schools have digitized their entire education system by realizing the role of digital class in school.

More and more things of today’s world are going digital due to the development of the internet, mobile phones, mobile applications, tablets, laptops and other devices. The education system of metros and other cities of India has also been modernized to a great extent, making way for digitization in education.

Digital education is making its place in many international schools as well as India’s traditional education system and is replacing traditional education in schools.

Gone are the days when training in class was conducted through textbooks. Teachers used the blackboard to explain what they taught and students used to write those on their notebooks. Students were traditionally based on teachers for teaching and traditionally task-based methods and focused more on writing and memorization for learning.

However, the use of chalk, duster, and blackboard in most schools is now negligible. Nowadays classroom teaching has become highly interactive with the use of digital platforms.

Benefits of teacher-based or traditional education

  • It is an effective way of presenting a large amount of study material to students.
  • It is a personal and face-to-face training.
  • Everyone gets the same information at one time.
  • Its cost is economical. Everyone can afford the cost of traditional education.

Disadvantages of traditional education are the advantages of digital classrooms

  • It lacks communication.
  • The success of the lecture depends on the effectiveness of the teacher.
  • Students focus more on memorization and rote than on enhancing technical skills.
  • More time is consumed.

How do children benefit from digital education?

Digital education has many benefits for students

  • Interactive: Through digital education, classroom teaching has become more engaging and interactive. Children are paying more attention to it. They do not only listen to what the teacher teaches, but also watch it on screen. Watching increases the learning ability. It helps children to learn easily through visuals.
  • Attention to details: In digital classrooms, through interactive online presentations, the educational content in practical sessions helps students to pay more attention to details.
  • Less time consumption: Children can complete their work in less time with the help of using tabs, laptops or notepads which saves their time and enables them to learn outside the syllabus.
  • Vocabulary: With the help of active online screens, students improve their language skills. 
  • Learn from your ability: Many times, students hesitate to ask questions to their teachers in front of other students. But through digital education, the student can attend recording sessions to clear their doubt.
  • User friendly: The best thing about digital education is that it is user friendly. Students can access it from anywhere and at any time. 
  • External Guidance: Along with online education, students can get guidance from distant advisors and faculty to solve questions and take guidance.

Use of digital technology in education

Electronic devices or platforms such as social media, online games, multimedia and mobile phones are used to teach students in the classroom. With the use of digital technology in education, today’s scenario of education has been changed to a better or advancements.

In digital learning, the learning method uses technology to complete all curriculum and it helps students to learn in an easy way and quickly.

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