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School Zone is a privately owned company, founded in 2007. Our unique programs work to serve customers with their school uniform needs. We’re one of the premier providers of custom logo school uniforms.  Each school is unique with specific uniforms needs.

School Zone is one of largest school uniform providers in Indiana, Georgia, Ohio and Missouri serving over 200,000 students. Our business model is mostly “service agreement” based. SchoolZone has a staff of very knowledgeable talents who are committed to serving students and parents with the highest quality school uniforms at affordable  prices. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. 

We provide all the unique colors from standard school uniforms, sports wear, and spirit wear. We also assist in logo designs, creation and custom layouts. 

 School Zone is proud to offer our “giveback program” to any school or district from 3% up to 10% donation of any qualified “service agreement”… (Please ask about this amazing program)

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